Baby stroller footmuff

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This sleeping bag is the king of all kinds. It can be used with umbrella car, yoyo car, slow sports car, high view cart, and baby bed. The back of the sleeping bag has opening. The seat belt of baby carriage crib can pass through the back of sleeping bag and can be fixed on the stroller when going out.

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1. The overall appearance looks large, and the interior space is large. The interior space design takes into account the comfort of children, so it is an ideal choice in the family camping equipment list. The unique shape of the wide goose egg means there is enough space for your child to find a comfortable sleeping position. The interior is made of pure wool with soft material, and the middle layer is made of spray cotton. Due to the double-layer filling, they will also keep warm and comfortable.
2. The external material is polyester fiber cloth, waterproof and windproof, easy to clean, dirty wet cloth can be wiped.
3. Two way zipper opening, comfortable, free and space unique shape, double-layer filler.

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