Under the epidemic situation, the company developed in an orderly way

On the occasion of the arrival of the new spring in 2021, the outbreak of the new crown disease in our area caused the rapid spread of the virus and caused panic among people. The government responded quickly and implemented a policy of sealing the city under strict control. The personnel were isolated at home and were forbidden to enter or leave the city without permission. The government arranged special delivery points to ensure People’s Daily diet.Since the closure of the city on January 5th, zero increase of cases has been achieved in the city on the twenty-second day. Our company received the unsealed notice, all the staff to resume production, the factory to step up production, so as not to delay the delivery date. Before the outbreak, a Norwegian customer return single, need a batch of rain loose, delivery date is march, but because of the influence of the outbreak, factory production, fortunately, the outbreak under control, before that we have all the materials needed for production on procurement, to return to work after full urgent production, has fully packaged complete, strict disinfection epidemic prevention measures, and international express. After our company gives the benefits and bonuses of the New Year to the employees, they will have a normal holiday to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year.Have a good holiday. We are all in service now.Since 2020, novel coronavirus epidemic has been rampant all over the world. However, under the effective measures of the Chinese government, our company still provides guaranteed products and services to new and old customers in an orderly manner. This is the embodiment of our production capacity, but also the responsibility to customers, do not live up to the trust of customers. If you have any needs and questions, please call our online staff, we believe we will give you a satisfactory answer.

Post time: Mar-09-2021